Understanding Cannabinoids – Everything To Know About CBD

What Is CBD?

There are more than 80 components present in cannabis. These components or cannabinoids tie themselves together to the receptor cells in the body. Though they are present throughout the body, their majority presence is in the brain.

Cannabidiol is one of these components. CBD is extracted from the resin glands present on cannabis flowers and buds. It is also possible to extract it from hemp, which is a fibrous and industrial form of cannabis. This has tiny buds on it with a THC concentration of 0.3% or less.

How Does CBD Work?

An endocannabinoid system or ECS is created by the binding of cannabinoids to the receptor cells. This brings several changes in the body, like reproduction, sleep, appetite, mood, immunity etc.
Apart from interacting with CBD receptors, cannabinoids also links with other receptors, such as:
1. Adenosine receptors, which are the receptors sites to induce sleep.
2. Serotonin receptors help in balancing and relieving stress.
3. Vanilloid receptors are the receptors known to ease pain.
CBD is known to obstruct FAAH, which is a fatty acid. It’s function is to break down the organic endocannabinoid anandamide in the body. This way, it helps to improvise functions which are related to memory, mood, appetite and pain.
The quantity of this fatty acid is maximised, which enhances the endocannabinoid strength.

CBD Is Helpful Because-

Cannabis has been in use since thousands of years. It was widely used for its physical and medicinal properties. It helped to treat ailments like anxiety and migraines.
But because of the psychoactive effects produced due to the presence of THC in it, cannabis was banned. The miraculous CBD could no longer be used for treating the most chronic problems.
Fortunately, with knowledge and time, several countries are once again beginning to accept cannabis for medicinal purposes. Ensure to buy CBD from the best dispensary in your local area. For example, if you reside in Kentucky, then visit a reliable Kentucky marijuana dispensary.

Various pathways can be influenced in the body by CBD. Thus, it is tricky to figure out its exact effects on the body. Several studies are being conducted which have revealed that patients around the world have adopted medical cannabis to find relief from diseases like parkinson’s disease.

So How Is CBD Different From THC?

THC has the ability to cause a psychoactive high in the consumer but CBD has no such effect. CBD attaches to CB1 receptor cells present in the brain and the central nervous system. The binding to CB1 receptor cells is indirect. This causes no high, no matter the consumption level. In fact, CBD restrains the activating effects of THC on CB2 and CB1.

Cannabis or hemp have CBD and THC in every part, from stalks, medical seeds to flowers. CBD is present in a higher quantity in hemp plant while THC is more in cannabis. While hemp has only 0.3% THC, it varies from 3%- 12% in cannabis. There is no harm in consuming cannabis seeds or CBD oil.

Medically, CBD is more effective in treating anxiety, epilepsy and psychosis while THC is more used to relieve stress and pain, induce relaxation and sleep.
Use Quality Strains

Users looking to eat, vape or smoke CBD should ensure to use only high strain CBD. There is still research and development pending on a large scale to be sure about every aspect of this oil. While some countries have legalised it, several others are far away from even consideration. Find out about the legalisation status of the oil before moving ahead with it. Example, if you live in FLorida, you should know know it CBD oil Florida is legal.
Only time and studies will tell how the world will shape around CBD.