June 2018

Using Cannabis For Curing Back Pain

Cannabis is an excellent pain reliever. It provides relief with no significant side effects. A natural green herb, using quality cannabis strains can help the patient and live a new life.

As per the Mayo Clinic, around 80% of Americans suffer from lower back pain at least once in their life. It is more common among adults aged 35 and 55 years.

A popular over the counter pain reliever is Tylenol. Other prescription medications are Voltaren, Celebrex, Relafen.

The unfortunate news is that due to the high drug intensity of these medicines, opioid addiction is common among users. This is precisely the reason why using cannabis as a pain reliever is safe.

Marijuana TO Relieve Back Pain

A study was done by University of Colorado Spine Center which showed that cannabis is highly effective in relieving back pain and much safer than opioids. 90% of patients experience relief in pain and 80% found the treatment equal or more than that of opioids.

Strains to use for relieving back pain

1. Harley Quinn

A hybrid marijuana strain is Sativa dominant. It is a cross between Columbian Gold, Swiss and Thai Landrace. The CBD level is 4%- 10% as compared to other cannabis strains. Thus, it is a perfect relaxant with no euphoric high. It calms the user down and is ideal to be used anytime of the day.


A sativa dominant hybrid, ACDC has a CBD level of 20:1. THC range is between 0.4- 1.2% and the CBD range is between 16- 24%. There are very less to no psychoactive side effects and according to the Royal Palm Beach medical doctors, it proves to be an effective pain killer in chronic cases.

3. OG Kush

An Indica dominant, there is a high THC presence. The patients experience a euphoric high along with pain and muscle spasm relief. The THC presence is 23% and CBD in only 1%. It has the most psychoactive effects than other strains.

4. Uncle Andy

Not very popular but Uncle Andy is effective to be used for treating back pain. It is a grade A cannabis strain and is covered with trichomes. The fruity smell can be smelled from a distance and the high lasts upto 3 hours.

5. Gorilla Glue

Also called 429 Glue, it is a balanced hybrid strain. The average THC presence is 25% and has strong effects. It is very effective for chronic injuries and back pain, making it ideal for back pain treatment. On using before bedtime, it can provide the user with a deep sleep.

Gain Health With Cannabis-Infused Coconut Oil Capsules

Coconut oil is a nourishing oil. It is used externally and can also be consumed. One of the most popular oils, it has the ability to improve your overall well being, ranging from your hair, nails and skin. Because of the presence of fatty acids, calcium and even triglycerides, it is extremely beneficial in improving your digestion, dental health and in the proper functioning of your organs.

The multiple benefits of cannabis is gaining increased recognition in the medical world. From using it in the form of healthy cannabis seeds to CBD oil, it can greatly help people suffering from chronic illnesses.

You can get a powerhouse of nutrients by combining coconut oil and the wondrous cannabis plants. Most people take a combination of vitamins and minerals to aid in daily health, but you may not know that you can make canna caps (gel capsules containing cannabis) on your very own.

It might sound too complicated, but trust me when I say it’s simpler than you think. By taking one of our favorite oils and adding it to the benefits of one of the most popular (and powerful) plants around, here are the fairly simple how to’s for cannabis-infused coconut oil capsules – a great addition to any health regimen.

All the Necessary Ingredients

If you’re new to making cannabis capsules, the proportions below should help to determine approximately what you’ll need, so use them as a guideline and not as a rule.

For your DIY capsules, you’ll need about 7-14 grams of cannabis, a ¼-1/2 cup of extra virgin coconut oil (organic is always better!), ½ teaspoon of soy lecithin, and approximately 45-50 gelatin capsules to hold your coconut concoction.

There will be a few kitchen materials required too including a syringe (for gel cap filling), a capsule-filling machine, a cooking pot, a heat safe glass bowl, a baking tray and a spatula. You’ll also want some parchment paper and cheesecloth as a few added extras.

If this list isn’t exhaustive enough, your canna capsules will also need to go in the oven (or a slow cooker, if you have it). So make sure a working one is available.

Spot Us. Cannabis sativa. 2010. Flickr.com. Web. Feb 12. 2017.

Cooking Up Your Cannabis

Most time in the kitchen ends with the oven, but when it comes to cannabis capsules, you’ll start out by turning yours on to 220 F.

Grind your cannabis, place it on a parchment paper-lined baking tray and bake it for just around 30-45 minutes. You may not know but this process activates the THC in your cannabis and is known as decarboxylation. Make sure the oven is not hotter than 250 F as any more heat can actually burn off all those beneficial cannabinoids.

Once complete, boil water in your cooking pot and using the heatproof glass bowl, combine the coconut oil and soy lecithin, heating above the cooking pot until melted. Add in that crunchy oven cannabis. Once mixed, empty the cooking pot of water, add the cannabis and coconut mixture and place it back in the still warm oven for 30-45 minutes at 220 F.

If using a slow cooker, you can nix the previous steps and put the ingredients in for 2 hours on low heat.

Filling Up Those Capsules

Once your mixture is done, remove it from the oven and strain it through cheesecloth so that you have a relatively smooth liquid to fill your capsules with. You’ll want to fill the capsules when the mixture is cool-but-not-too-cool so watch it until it’s just right.

When it’s ready, fill the syringe with the liquid and fill the capsules, one at a time with the healthy cannabis infused liquid. Once that step is through, use the capsule-filling machine to close your cannabis coconut capsules.

Keep in mind that some capsules may overflow, but you can wipe them down before placing them in the fridge or a cool, dark cabinet. The potency of your final product will depend on a few factors, but coconut oil and soy lecithin are two very powerful metabolizing agents, so either way, you should have a pretty powerful capsule at your disposal.

You need not thaw the caps. After getting cooled, they will turn lighter in colour as the coconut oil solidifies. Keeping them outside the fridge can make them melt if the temperature is high. Keeping them in the refrigerator is a better option as they can even last forever.

Making cannabis capsules from the comfort of your home can seem like a bit of stretch, but coconut and cannabis capsules have significant health benefits. It also doesn’t take much time either to pull out the oven pan and put the ingredients together for something homemade and au natural. Just like the ease in consuming cannabis seeds, these capsules can also be used without much hassle.

You can adjust the recipe and make it weaker or stronger. With just a few simple tricks and a couple common ingredients, there’s no reason not to test out this easy, healthy recipe.

CBD Healing: 6 Health Benefits

The cannabis plant isn’t just about getting high! There are more than 60 active compounds in a hemp plant. The stoned feeling that we get after smoking pot is due to the THC compound. Cannabidiol or CBD is the magical non-psychoactive compound and doesn’t have that mind-altering property of the cannabis plant that doesn’t get you “ high” but that will actually help you towards ailment or get through an ailment.

The array of therapeutic benefits that CBD accrue have been coming into the light and thus, the fight towards legalisation is at its peak. Whilst the Louisiana Medical Marijuana laws have allowed the use of CBD for many disorders such as cancer, depression etc., even in Tampa, marijuana doctors have opened up clinics to treat kids and adults with the same.

So here are some of the health benefits;

1. Anxiety

Anxiety is a psychological clutter where the behaviour and cognitive operations are affected by a sense of fear resulting in hysteria and discomfort. Experiencing anxiety is like an internal hurricane where “keeping it together” seems like an exhausting task. CBD oil has increasingly become the go-to solution for people suffering from high functioning anxiety as it is proven to be anxiolytic.

The oil, which has a surprisingly pleasant favour, when taken as per instructions kicks into effect about an hour into taking it. It oozes the effects in a way that the patient doesn’t even realise the anxiety subsiding, and lasts a good 6 to 8 hours, or even an entire day. People suffering from social anxiety, who actively seek remedies against a problem that hinders their daily life, have truly found comfort in CBD as it calms them down, without interfering with their other senses.

2. Pain

The discomfort caused by pain can often impede the physical capabilities of a person. Sadly, it also usually comes as an added baggage with any form of illness but the pain-relievers that we consume entail great risks. Did you know that prescribed synthetic medication and authorised opioids kill 20% of the Americans? Yes, it’s true which is why CBD is gaining momentum because as research has shown that it has actually proven to be efficacious. When taken in correct dosage CBD provides an instant relief to people suffering from chronic pains.

Let’s understand how it really works; This compound acts on the endocannabinoid system of the body and bind to the pain-relieving receptors, CB-2, which is why it’s used to reduce chronic pains in conditions such as fibromyalgia.

3. Healthy heart

CBD stimulates the naturally occurring endocannabinoids to trigger the various receptors that help in healing various cardiovascular conditions. As CB2 receptors in the blood walls, consumption of CBD reacts with the aforementioned receptor present to relax the arteries and control blood pressure.

Moreover, CBD has claimed to have antiarrhythmic properties helping in stabilising the irregular pumping of the heart by reacting on 2-AG endocannabinoid. Being anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, it also helps in healing inflammation and oxidative stress what are antecedents of heart diseases. With the legalisation of Cannabis in many states many licensed dispensaries like Florida medical marijuana dispensary, have also come up making it easier for people suffering from chronic conditions to get access to the drug.

4. Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a condition with uncontrolled neuronal activity and can cause recurrent seizures by obstructing the motor functions of the brain. The trouble with all this medication like anticonvulsants, medication for nerve pain medication and anticonvulsant is it is not guaranteed to help and often carries a long list of side effects, which can really hamper one’s quality of life. This is why so many people, including children, have turned to CBD for natural, plant-based relief from seizures and epilepsy.

It has proven to be effective as it actuates the functioning of CB-1 receptors that are present in the nervous system and also within the areas that are responsible for memory. These receptors bear anticonvulsant properties and thus help in reducing seizures.

5. Cancer

With the rate of people falling prey to the severity of cancer has just been on a rise, there is still a lot of uncertainty when it comes to treating the condition. Even though medical practices have evolved, a search for alternatives still exist! Much to our surprise, CBD oil can be used to treat cancer here’s how;

The CBD reacts with the receptors on the endocannabinoids of the cancer cells that actually leads to the synthesis of a potent cancer-killing compound called ceramide.
At first, ceramide interrupts the digestive system of the cell which deprives the cancerous cell of nutrition and, then, kills the mitochondria. As mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell, it dies.

6. Depression

All of us experience our days of happiness and sadness, the highs and lows are just complementary to life but a deep-rooted feeling of worthlessness, dejection and woe for a long time isn’t. It’s said that almost 10% of the people are likely to be diagnosed with clinical depression at some point in their life. Antidepressants that are used as cures have a lot of negative side effects.

On the other hand, CBD, which doesn’t have such adverse effects has exhibited anti-depressant properties. Low quantities of Serotonin can cause depression. CBD catalyzes the production of Serotonin by a receptor named 5-HT1A to affect emotions and can be effective in also regulating moods.

If synthesised properly, then all cannabis products like CBD oil, strains like strawberry kush strain and cannabis seeds, can be of great use. With the booming Cannabusiness, it’s getting easier to get access to many licensed marijuana doctors, dispensaries and other cannabis-related information.

Exploring The Nutritional Value Of Hemp Seeds

Hemp belongs to the Cannabis sativa family. Because of stringent rules over the years, people have misperceived hemp being unhealthy and ‘inappropriate’ in terms of consumption. Interestingly, just the opposite is true.

The leaves and the flowering tops of Cannabis contains THC and the psychoactive elements. On the other hand, the fibres and seeds of this plant contain very low traces of THC.

1. Good For Your Heart And Hormones

An omega fatty acid GLA may be effective in the treatment of cancer. Apart from benefiting general health, it also promotes hormonal and cardiovascular health. You can also find relief from pain and inflammation.

Arginine is an amino acid present in hemp seeds which releases nitric acid that can aid in decreasing the risk of heart disease.

Interestingly, hemp seeds can also be effective in providing relief from premenstrual syndrome (PMS). GLA releases prostaglandin E1 which decreases the effect of pain causing hormone prolactin. It can be very effective in providing relief to women going through emotional and physical symptoms during this phase.

2. Enriched With Vitamins And Minerals

Hemp seeds contain plenty of phytonutrients. You can consume the seeds for your daily dose of vitamins and minerals.

Hemp seeds are full of iron, calcium, zinc and phosphorus. In total of 7 vitamins, including Vitamin A and B12 make them extraordinary.

Hemp seeds are a complete nutritional supplement in itself.

3. Protein Power

Did you know that hemp seeds are just secondary to soya bean in protein content? They contain 9 essential amino acids which not produced by the human body and a total of 20 amino acids which are known to man. They promote the body’s defence system as well as muscle growth.

Hemp seeds are the ideal source of protein for non- meat eaters. They can also be consumed by athletes and active individuals as they are also high in calorie content.

4. Digestive Nature

Both insoluble and soluble fibers are present in hemp seeds which helps in easy bowel movements, thereby improving the overall digestion. You can benefit from managed symptoms of high cholesterol and a strong immune system.

5. Healthy Skin, Nails and Hair

You can find various haircare and skincare products in the market today which are infused with hemp oil. Miami marijuana doctors believe that these are excellent in treating eczema and acne. They also help in healing wounds fast, promote cell regeneration and overall health of the skin. As hemp is enriched with antioxidants which penetrate into the skin- providing relief from inflammation, redness and dryness.

6. Non- Psychoactive in Nature

Hemp seeds belong to the seeds of Cannabis sativa.

Contrary to popular belief, consuming hemp seeds does not cause a high. They have almost negligible traces of THC.

7. Aids In Weight Loss

Hemp seeds are full of fibre and dietary fats and help you feel full for a long duration. This way you will not have the urge to eat and be benefited from weight loss.

Ways To Incorporate Hemp Seeds In Everyday Diet

It is interesting to know that upon consumption, hemp seeds taste like nuts rather than seeds. You can infuse them into various types of foods and drinks. They will provide you with your everyday nutrients and you can enjoy their nutty taste. Tip- wherever you use flax or chia seeds, go ahead and use hemp. Get quality seeds and see the changes in your health yourself.

Do consult experts, like from Florida medical marijuana doctors, before beginning any diet plan.

Suggestions for consumption:

1. Salad toppings

2. Blended into shakes and smoothies

3. Topped on fruit bowl, yogurt

4. Hemp milk

5. Topping on puddings

6. Hemp energy bars

7. Hemp seeds in themselves as a munching snack

Just like cannabis seeds bought from reliable sources like cannabisowl, hemp seeds are truly an excellent snack and supplement. You can benefit both physically and mentally. Know that hemp is healthy and can prove to be miraculous for you.