Gain Health With Cannabis-Infused Coconut Oil Capsules

Coconut oil is a nourishing oil. It is used externally and can also be consumed. One of the most popular oils, it has the ability to improve your overall well being, ranging from your hair, nails and skin. Because of the presence of fatty acids, calcium and even triglycerides, it is extremely beneficial in improving your digestion, dental health and in the proper functioning of your organs.

The multiple benefits of cannabis is gaining increased recognition in the medical world. From using it in the form of healthy cannabis seeds to CBD oil, it can greatly help people suffering from chronic illnesses.

You can get a powerhouse of nutrients by combining coconut oil and the wondrous cannabis plants. Most people take a combination of vitamins and minerals to aid in daily health, but you may not know that you can make canna caps (gel capsules containing cannabis) on your very own.

It might sound too complicated, but trust me when I say it’s simpler than you think. By taking one of our favorite oils and adding it to the benefits of one of the most popular (and powerful) plants around, here are the fairly simple how to’s for cannabis-infused coconut oil capsules – a great addition to any health regimen.

All the Necessary Ingredients

If you’re new to making cannabis capsules, the proportions below should help to determine approximately what you’ll need, so use them as a guideline and not as a rule.

For your DIY capsules, you’ll need about 7-14 grams of cannabis, a ¼-1/2 cup of extra virgin coconut oil (organic is always better!), ½ teaspoon of soy lecithin, and approximately 45-50 gelatin capsules to hold your coconut concoction.

There will be a few kitchen materials required too including a syringe (for gel cap filling), a capsule-filling machine, a cooking pot, a heat safe glass bowl, a baking tray and a spatula. You’ll also want some parchment paper and cheesecloth as a few added extras.

If this list isn’t exhaustive enough, your canna capsules will also need to go in the oven (or a slow cooker, if you have it). So make sure a working one is available.

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Cooking Up Your Cannabis

Most time in the kitchen ends with the oven, but when it comes to cannabis capsules, you’ll start out by turning yours on to 220 F.

Grind your cannabis, place it on a parchment paper-lined baking tray and bake it for just around 30-45 minutes. You may not know but this process activates the THC in your cannabis and is known as decarboxylation. Make sure the oven is not hotter than 250 F as any more heat can actually burn off all those beneficial cannabinoids.

Once complete, boil water in your cooking pot and using the heatproof glass bowl, combine the coconut oil and soy lecithin, heating above the cooking pot until melted. Add in that crunchy oven cannabis. Once mixed, empty the cooking pot of water, add the cannabis and coconut mixture and place it back in the still warm oven for 30-45 minutes at 220 F.

If using a slow cooker, you can nix the previous steps and put the ingredients in for 2 hours on low heat.

Filling Up Those Capsules

Once your mixture is done, remove it from the oven and strain it through cheesecloth so that you have a relatively smooth liquid to fill your capsules with. You’ll want to fill the capsules when the mixture is cool-but-not-too-cool so watch it until it’s just right.

When it’s ready, fill the syringe with the liquid and fill the capsules, one at a time with the healthy cannabis infused liquid. Once that step is through, use the capsule-filling machine to close your cannabis coconut capsules.

Keep in mind that some capsules may overflow, but you can wipe them down before placing them in the fridge or a cool, dark cabinet. The potency of your final product will depend on a few factors, but coconut oil and soy lecithin are two very powerful metabolizing agents, so either way, you should have a pretty powerful capsule at your disposal.

You need not thaw the caps. After getting cooled, they will turn lighter in colour as the coconut oil solidifies. Keeping them outside the fridge can make them melt if the temperature is high. Keeping them in the refrigerator is a better option as they can even last forever.

Making cannabis capsules from the comfort of your home can seem like a bit of stretch, but coconut and cannabis capsules have significant health benefits. It also doesn’t take much time either to pull out the oven pan and put the ingredients together for something homemade and au natural. Just like the ease in consuming cannabis seeds, these capsules can also be used without much hassle.

You can adjust the recipe and make it weaker or stronger. With just a few simple tricks and a couple common ingredients, there’s no reason not to test out this easy, healthy recipe.