What should you expect when you visit a medical marijuana dispensary

States in the US which have legalised marijuana allow their people to purchase cannabis from certified dispensaries. They can get their own marijuana card and visit a dispensary to make their purchase. You can get strains, CBD oil and even marijuana seeds in USA.

Read on to find out what should you expect while visiting a marijuana dispensary for the first time:

  1. Keep essentials ready

Cannabis legal states permit individuals who are 21 years or above to purchase cannabis from medical dispensaries. States selling only medicinal cannabis legally will mandate customers to show their state- issued medical marijuana identity card. A valid marijuana ID card should be ready in your hand to show for identification.

  1. Know your rules

Most of the American states have legally permitted medical or recreational cannabis laws. There may be differences in each one of them. Laws may differ if you are purchasing from your resident state or a as a visitor. When purchasing from a visiting state, customer may be allowed to purchase lesser cannabis in quantity that what he/ she can from his/ her resident state.

  1. Don’t be alarmed if you see guards

Please understand that armed security guards patrol the premises of a marijuana dispensary such as in Florida marijuana dispensaries. Don’t be nervous as this is a necessary precaution due to the high possibility of a theft threat. Moreover, such dispensaries usually work on a cash basis. This increases the threat value.

  1. Be patient

Usually budtenders will attend to one patient at a time and you may have to wait your turn. This experience will be much like how you wait at a doctor’s office. Allow patients before you to be attended at their satisfaction. So ensure to come with plenty of time in hand so that you are in no rush.

  1. Be informed

Even though the budtenders would assist you on your purchase, it would help if you do your own research before going to the dispensary. Check their menu, reviews and be a little ready as to what do you want. This would make your purchase process faster and neither would you hold up the line. You can even talk to your budtenders at the medical marijuana dispensary.

  1. Explore but no touching

You can look around at products but will not be allowed to touch anything. Sampling is no longer done as legal marijuana requires it to be sold in a tamper resistance and sealed package.

  1. Ask away

Even after reading up before visiting, you can ask every question you have in mind. From the specific condition you wish to treat or the personal recommendation of your budtender- they will tell you all.

  1. Keep cash ready

Most marijuana dispensaries don’t accept cards. Few may have an ATM but it is always safer to bring cash.

  1. Do not take pictures

Marijuana dispensaries will not allow you to take pictures. But if you must, take permission politely.

  1. Keep your cell phone on silent

An essential etiquette! To avoid causing inconvenience to other customers, keep the ringer on silent.

Just relax and enjoy your first experience.